This web site belongs to our eldest son who now lives and works in the USA.  

  This business website is owned by a friend who would be only too happy to train you in the skills of powerboating  

  This a great web site written by Esther who came to Northern Ireland from sunny Greece and gives her views of N.Ireland  

  An ACW battlefield, When my friend and I visited here there was a "re-enactment" going on which was great for photographs. However the first thing we saw was a guy lying on the ground getting first aid. It turned out that he had been bitten by a copperhead snake !! We spent much of the visit looking down at the paths to avoid any undesirable encounters  
     This is an AWI battlefield and a great walk. As with most of these sites it is well marked out and you can even watch a "National Geographic" video before going to walk amongst the hills and trees.  

  Cowpens AWI battlefield is "some 500 yards long and just as wide, a park-like setting dotted with trees, but devoid of undergrowth, having been kept clear by cattle grazing in the spring on native grasses" I felt that Kings Mountain was the better for a visit.  

  I've been here twice with different work colleagues and have enjoyed both visits. On the first we walked to the top of cliffs where the "Last of the Mochicans" was filmed. On the second we had the opportunity to travel in a yellow school bus. When we got to the base of the rock there were two ambulances - it seemed that someone had fallen. As I was with the same friend who I had taken to "Pickett's Mill" I began to worry that she might think that I was risking her life by taking her to dangerous places.  

  Two visits so far and really enjoyed both although the first visit coincided with a public holiday and the place was packed. I have always been fascinated with horseshoe crabs and here you have the opportunity to touch them.  

One of my favourite angling suppliers, not only great prices but superb customer service.

  Halls Harbour is renowned for it's lobster and when in Nova Scotia I always made the effort to get here.  


I happened to be in Lunenburg and saw this magnificent ship and photographed it. When I returned to N. Ireland I then saw the TV series called "Tall Ship Chronicles” This series follows the "Picton Castle" sailing around the world.