Welcome to my new website created using "Dreamweaver"

            Why Dreamweaver ?  
    Jan. 2010
Hi to 2010 and all that it brings. Hopefully the freezing weather will end soon and I'll get out fishing.


Main news is the birth of our first Grandson born Dec 7th 2009


I started by using "FrontPage 2000" but wanted to develop further including linking to database tables this meant learning something more modern.

    The photograph at the top shows Cushendun, in the background is Red Bay were I go fishing in my boat. Cushendall is just over the other side of the hill behind Cushendun and its harbour.  

Having seen what an expert (a colleague I worked with both at home, in Scotland, the USA and in Canada) could do with "Dreamweaver" I decided that I should learn how to create a web site using this more advanced software. So far so good but it is still very much a site "Under Construction"


March 5th 2010
Great, back out fly fishing again and even catching some trout


Simon's brother Stephen came home from the USA at Christmas to see his and Sara's latest nephew.

April 2011 and now he looks like this:


Sep 2010
Following a short course I have developed another site using not just "Dreamweaver" but also the "LAMP" products. i.e. Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. Still very much a novice.


    April 2010
No more updates as I am now on "Facebook" - the only way to find out what the family are up to.

Summer 2010 saw many fish caught and cooked

April 2011
Boat still not out yet, small engine fault turned out to be a fuel filter problem. Now fixed but East winds make the harbour impossible to get out of.
He just loves a bit of fun


July 2011

Red Bay Boats have done a great job with the engine repair. I have been out a few times now and the engine is much quieter and using less fuel.

Charles is going around the World
    August 2011
Now working in India
    July 2013
Back home from India and hope to spend the the winter months updateing everything